THREE EARLY SONGS for Soprano and Harp, 1961; 1991–92, + PUB

SONG for High Voice and Piano, 1962, +

THREE SONNETS from William Shakespeare for Soprano, Flute, and Strings, 1962-64, + o S

23RD PSALM for Oboe and Choir (SATB) (opt. harp and strings), 1962, + o S 

THE LAY OF THE LOVE AND DEATH OF CORNET CHRISTOPHER RILKE for Reciter and Chamber Ensemble (oboe d'amore, horn, harpsichord, percussion), 1969, + PUB

EIN JAPANISCHES LIEDERBUCH for Soprano, Chamber Ensemble (flute, violin, cello, harp, piano/celesta, percussion) and slides, 1971, + @ (Univ. of Maryland) PUB

SKETCHES from Twelfth Night, A Mini-Drama for Bass and Oboe d'amore, 1977, + S 

SINGING HEART (Image Music XII from Notes from the Center of the Earth) for Choir (SATB), 1995–, + PUB 

From ARMGART for Lyric Soprano and Piano, 2000 + o PUB

A JAPANESE FOLK SUITE, (for Reciter and Flute/Alto Flute or Oboe); 1992, rev. 2001 + @ (Ball State Univ.) PUB

“LET US TAKE WHAT WE CAN FOR THE OCCASION,” (for Reciter, Flute/Piccolo, Contrabass and Piano); 2002 @ (Row Twelve) + PUB

CROSS CURRENTS, (for Reciter and Chamber Ensemble (Flute/Native Flute, Violin, Trombone, Contrabass and Piano); 2004 @ (Row Twelve) + PUB

TO GET TO FRESNO, (for Voice, Clarinet [or Flute] and Piano); 2004 + @ o (Hirten Trio, Netherlands) PUB

MOTHER EARTH (Image Music XXVIII) for Soprano, Baritone and Orchestra, 2005 @ (Catalina Chamber Orchestra) PUB

RANDOM BLACKOUTS I (Image Music XXXIII) for Baritone and Piano (4 hands), 2010 @+  o (Access Contemporary Music Concert [Chicago]) PUB

BLACKOUT No. 1 (Image Music XXXIVa) for Soprano and Chamber Ensemble, 2011 @+ (thing NY SPAM V.2.0- “-ISMS” [New York City]) PUB

RANDOM BLACKOUTS II (Image Music XXXVIII) for Baritone and Piano (4 hands), 2013 @+ (OMTA Commission) PUB

ECHO POINT LOOKOUT An Australian Blue Mountain Triptych (Image Music XXXIX) (for Reciter, Flute/Alto Flute, Oboe d’Amore, Contrabass and Piano); 2013 @ (Row Twelve) + PUB

RANDOM BLACKOUTS III (Image Music XL) for Baritone, Flute, and 2 Percussion 2015 @ (Andrew White) PUB

RANDOM BLACKOUTS IV (Image Music XLIV) for Tenor, and Guitar 2017 @(Paul Reilly) + PUB

A WHITMAN “SAMPLER” for Baritone and Piano 2019 @ (Andrew White) + PUB


SUITE for Piano, 1962, + PUB

SIX PIECES for Piano, 1963-1965, + o S

FAMILY PORTRAIT, Five Vignettes for Piano, 1976-1978, + S

ALBUMBLÄTTER (ALBUM LEAVES), Acht (Eight) Vignetten (Vignettes) für (for) Celesta, 1994 + PUB

TOCCATA FANTASY I for Piano, 2016, @ (PPI Commission) PUB

Instrumental Chamber Music:

TRIO for Woodwinds (oboe, clarinet, bassoon), 1962, +, rev., 1975 + PUB; Rev. now as THREE EARLY MOVEMENTS for   Woodwind Trio + (also version for Oboe, Clarinet and Violoncello (or Viola) +, 2014 PUB

SONATA for Oboe, Oboe d'amore, and English horn, 1963, + PUB

MUSIC for String Quartet, 1963-1965, + S

A MUSIC for Oboe, Contrabass, and Percussion, 1966-1967, + o S

MUSIC for Percussion Ensemble and Conductor, 1972, + @ (Ron Barnett) H

MUSIC FOR THREE for Oboe, Guitar, and Percussion, 1972, + @ (National Gallery of Art) S

TRICINIUM for Alto Saxophone, Trumpet and Piano, 1972, + @ (Univ. Of Maryland) S

EPISODES for a Saxophone (soprano, alto or tenor, and optional grand piano), 1973, + @ (Ken Fischer) S 

FOUR DESULTORY EPISODES for Solo Oboe and Tape (also version for solo oboe), 1972-1973, + S 

TRIO for Strings (violin, viola, violoncello), 1962, rev. 1974, o PUB

POLYMODAL SKETCHES (oboe, English horn, bassoon, harp), 1961, rev. 1975

DIVERSIONS and INTERACTIONS for Percussion Trio, 1976, + @ (Pam Shick, Choreog.) H

RUDIMENTALISIS for Percussion Solo, 1980, + H

MUSIC FOR CHIEF JOSEPH for Oboe and Four Trombones, 1980, + FW

LYRIC FANTASY (A Music for Dance) for Flute, Alto Saxophone, and Guitar, 1980, + @ (Barbara Brandvig, Choreog.) PUB

NORTHWEST SKETCHES I for Trombone and Piano, 1980 (first movement; still in progress)

NORTHWEST SKETCHES II for Flute, Oboe, and Piano, 1980, + PUB; also version for flute, Clarinet (Sop Sax) and Piano

IMAGE MUSIC from Songs of the Fire Circles for Flute, Oboe, Trombone, and Contrabass, 1982, + PUB

ONE BY ONE (Image Music II) for Flute and Harp, 1985 (also versions for oboe, saxophone, clarinet, violin), + PUB

WIND RIVER COUNTRY for Woodwind Quintet, 1986 @ (U of Wyo. New World Quintet) + VN

IN MEMORIAM - Sacagawea - Aria for Saxophone Quartet (SATB), 1995 + o PUB: for Saxophone Quintet (SAATBar.), 1988 PUB; for Flute Quartet, 1989 o + PUB; for Woodwind Quartet, 2002 @ (Konza Prairie Players) + PUB; for Generic Ensemble 2004 (COMA Open Score Project in England) + o Pub. by COMA

TOMORROW ON YESTERDAY (Image Music IV) for Harp, 1989, @ (Carroll McLaughlin) + o PUB; as (Image Music IV-A) for Flute, Harp, Percussion, Harp Ensemble, and Trombone Ensemble, 1989, @ PUB

NATIVE AMERICAN NOTES — The Bitter Roots of Peace (Image Music VI) for String Quartet, 1990, @ (Lark Quartet) + PUB; as (Image Music VI-A) for String Orchestra, 1991 PUB

DON’T WE (Image Music VII) for Clarinet in A, 1990, @ + PUB (pub. also in Etudes for the Twenty-First Century Clarinettist, 2nd Ed., ed. Phil Rehfeldt , Mill Creek Pub.)

ANOTHER NEW BEGINNING  (Image Music V) for Alto Saxophone, 1990, @  (still in progress)

SANTA FE TRAIL ECHOES (Image Music VIII) for Viola (also Violoncello) Solo, 1992, + @ (Michelle LaCourse) PUB

SUSPENDED IN FROZEN VELOCITY (Image Music IX from Songs of the Fire Circles ) for Tuba - Euphonium Ensemble, 1992, + o T

WHITE BLOWING DAFODIL SEEDS  (Image Music X - In Memoriam) for Piano Trio, 1993–, (still in progress)

TABLEAUX in Memory of Chief Joseph (Image Music XI) for Trumpet(s) and Timpani, 1993; rev. 2004, + PUB

NATIVE AMERICAN NOTES II — The Bitter Roots of Peace (Image Music VI-C) for Tuba-Euphonium Quartet, 1994, + PUB

ANOTHER NEW BEGINNING II  (Image Music V-A) for Guitar, 1994, @ (Paul Reilly) + AN

MEMORIES of Chief Joseph (Image Music XI-A) for Violin (also trumpet, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, contrabassoon, soprano and alto saxophone, bass trombone, tuba, viola, cello) and Marimba, 1994, + PUB

INCANTATION, MEDITATION and DANCE for Trumpet/Flügelhorn and Organ, 1994, + PUB

A VORTEX of URGENT WINDS (Image Music XIII) for Guitar, 1995, @ (Paul Reilly) + AN

INQUIETUDE for Flute Solo, 1995 + PUB

EAST OF . . . WEST OF . . . (Image Music XV) for Guitar, 1996; 2004 @ (Paul Reilly) + o PUB

MEMORIES II of Chief Joseph  (Image Music XI-B) for Bassoon (also contrabassoon, oboe, clarinet, soprano and alto saxophone, bass trombone, tuba, violin, viola, cello) and Piano; 1998–2001; + @ (Keith Sweger/Kevin Purrone) o PUB

Moments from WHITE BLOWING DAFODIL SEEDS  (Image Music X-A) for Piano Trio, 2000, +o PUB; also versions for Flute, Violoncello and Piano, 2003 PUB, for Flute, Bassoon and Piano, 2004 PUB, and for Trumpet, Violoncello and Piano, 2004, PUB

EXPRESSIONS on the Paintings of Edvard Munch (Image Music XVII) for String Quartet, 2000 + o PUB

CONTINENTAL DRIFT - A Geographical Triptych in Two Parts (Image Music XVIII) for Percussion Orchestra, Part I 2002–03, @+ PUB; Part II (still in progress)

THREE JAPANESE VIGNETTES - An Imaginary Triptych (Image Music XIX) for Voice and Japanese Ensemble, 2002 PUB

YAPONCHA - “Wind Spirit” (Image Music XX) for Flute, Viola and Harp, 2002 PUB

Van Gogh VIGNETTES (Image Music XXII) for Flute Duet (also ver.: vln/vla, fl/vla, fl/vc, fl/sax, sax duet) 2003 + o PUB

EXPRESSIONS II on the Paintings of Wassily Kandinsky (Image Music XXIII) for Two Saxophones (S & A), Two Percussion and Piano 2003 +@o (Joseph & Anna Wytko) PUB

WITHIN THE CURTAIN OF COLOR AND TIME from Songs of the Fire Circles (Image Music XXIV) for Guitar Quartet 2004 @ + (Corona Guitar Qvartet, Denmark) PUB

TRIPTYCH (Image Music XIX-A) for Japanese Instrumental Ensemble, 2004 (a revision of Three Japanese Vignettes) PUB

ALASKAN TABLEAUX  (Image Music XXV) for Brass Quintet, (2013; some movements still in progress)

Moments at CANYON DE CHELLY  (Image Music XXVI) for Flute and Oboe Duet, 2005, @ (Row Twelve) + PUB

SONANCE and KEEN for Oboe and Theramin, 2005 PUB

SUSPENDED (Image Music XXVII) for Bassoon and Strings +o (also version /string orchestra and for English horn, Clarinet, Trumpet, Hecklephone, and strings), 2005; 2014, 2016 IM; PUB

EXPRESSIONS III on the Paintings of Gustav Klimt (Image Music XXIX) for Clarinet, Violin, Violoncello, Percussion and Piano 2006 +@ (Ernest Bloch Composers Symposium) PUB

REGAINING (Image Music XXXII) for Soprano Saxophone, Clarinet, Bassoon, Violin and Violoncello, 2009 @+ PUB (Auvillar “Etchings” Festival)

EXPRESSIONS IV Fantasy on a Painting of Edvard Munch (Image Music XXXV) for Oboe, Violin, Violoncello, and Piano (also version for Flute, trumpet, Violoncello, and Piano) 2012 @ PUB

EXPRESSIONS V Fantasy on a Painting of Gustav Klimt (Image Music XXXVII) for Harp Solo 2013 + PUB

CHIEF JOSEPH - In Memoriam for Saxophone Quartet 2013 @+ PUB

SCHERZO for Brass Trio (Horn, Trombone and Tuba) 2013 PUB

IMAGINARY LANDSCAPE I: Antarctic Vistas (Image Music XXI) for Trombone Choir, 2014 @ (Ball State Trombone Choir) + PUB 

SCHERZO for Flute Trio (Flute, Alto Flute and Bass Flute) 2014 PUB

ELECTRO CELLO STUDY #1 for Violoncello; 2014 @ (Liz Lee) + PUB

TIP TOP TAP BALLROOM BONANZA for Alto Saxophone and Contrabass (also versions for flute, clarinet or soprano saxophone in B-flat and contrabass); 2014 @ (Open House Chicago) +o PUB

SACRÉ BLEU! for Bass Clarinet; 2015 @ (Roger Cole) + PUB

LIFSCHEY CARDS II (Image Music XLI) for Oboe, Viola, and Piano 2015 @ (Con Vivo Trio) + PUB

TOCCATA FANTASY II for Harp Solo 2015 + PUB

PRELUDE AND MEMORY of Chief Joseph for Violin and Piano, 2016 PUB

SCHERZO for Generic Trio, 2016 PUB

INQUIETUDE Revisited, ver. for Piccolo, 2016 PUB

INQUIETUDE Revisited II, ver. for Alto Flute, 2016 PUB

COLVIN HOUSE HAUNTS for Violin and Violincello, 2016, @ (Open House Chicago 2016! Commission) + PUB

From SONGS OF THE FIRE CIRCLES (Image Music XLII) for String Quartet, 2017, @ (Delgani String Quartet) + PUB

ETUDIO RASQUEADO for Guitar, 2017, PUB

LIFSCHEY CARDS I (Image Music XLIII) for Oboe, and String Quartet, 2017 @ (Composers 75th Anniversary) + PUB


THRENODY for Orchestra, 1963-1965, + o S

MUSIC for Bassoon and Orchestra, 1966-1967, Thesis for M.M., + o S

SOUND SCAPE, A Concerto for Orchestra, 1973; 1979; (still in progress)

DUO FANTASY CONCERTANTE for Violin, Violoncello, and Chamber Orchestra, 1978, + PUB 

NORTHWEST SKETCHES II-B for Flute, Oboe, and Chamber Orchestra, 1982, + PUB; also version for flute, Clarinet (Sop Sax)

OREGON COASTAL SKETCHES, Fantasy Vignettes for Violoncello, Strings, Harp, and Percussion, 1984, + = third movement (other movements in progress)

CARVINGS II, for Chamber Orchestra (still in progress)

Moments from NATIVE AMERICAN NOTES — The Bitter Roots of Peace (Image Music VI-B) for Chamber Orchestra, 1994 @ (Ball State Sym.) + PUB

ALL IN A MOMENT’S TIME (Image Music XIV) for Viola (also Violoncello) and Orchestra, 1995–96; rev. 2005 + @ PUB

BEIJING IMPRESSIONS - A Travel Triptych (Image Music XVI) for Orchestra (or large chamber ens. ver.), 2000 (rev. 2003)+ PUB

MOTHER EARTH (Image Music XXVIII) for Soprano, Baritone and Orchestra, 2005 @ (Catalina Chamber Orchestra) PUB

NEWPORT FANTASY (Image Music XXX) for Orchestra, 2007 @ + (Newport Symphony) PUB

Wind Ensemble:

ATAVISM for Oboe, Bassoon, and Wind Ensemble, 1973-1976, Dissertation for Ph.D., + o PUB 

REMEMBRANCES for Four Trumpets and Wind Ensemble, 1978, + o PUB

NORTHWEST SKETCHES II-A for Flute, Oboe, and Wind Ensemble, 1982, + PUB; also version for flute, Clarinet (Sop Sax)

FANTASY NOCTURNE (Image Music III) for Winds, Harp, and Percussion, 1985, + 1, 2, 4 movements @ +(third movement still in progress)

CARVINGS I for Wind Ensemble, 1992–93, @ + PUB

RIGHT ON! For Jazz Ensemble, 2004, @ (Larry McWilliams of Ball State U.) (based on music from the musical review, Right On!, 1970) PUB

FANFARE for Brass and Percussion, 2004 PUB

NEWPORT CELEBRATION (Image Music XXXa) for Band, 2008 @ + (Newport Middle School) PUB

HOPE RISING (Image Music XXXI) for Wind Ensemble, 2009 @ + (West Michigan Concert WINDS) PUB

LOCATION, LOCATION An Oregon Triptych (Image Music XXXVI) for Saxophone Orchestra, (2014 in progress) @ (Southern Oregon University Saxophone Orchestra) PUB


7 - 4 - 3 for Dancers and Chamber Ensemble (flute, cello, percussion), 1969, @ (Dance Dept., University of Maryland)+

RIGHT ON!, An Original Review, 1970, + o @ (University of Maryland)

A FLIGHT OF VIRTUOSITY for Six Handclappers, 1972, @ + H

OSTINATO DI TANGO, A Quadriphonic, Real-time Realization for Tape, 1977, + PUB

OSTINATO FANTASY, A Quadriphonic, Real-time Realization for Tape (with Robert Moore), 1977, PUB

CARVINGS, (for Synthesized Orchestra and Dance), 1986, + @ (Patrick Suzeau, Choreog.) PUB

CONCENTRATED IMAGES, (for Poet, Performer and Slides), 1991–92, + @ (Ball State University) PUB

PARACOSM Death of Ego (A Film Score) for Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Violoncello, Percussion and Piano, Written for Sounds of   Silent Film Festival CHICAGO 2016 @+PUB

BOLOS (A Film Score) for Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Violoncello, Percussion and Piano, Written for Sounds of Silent Film Festival   CHICAGO 2017 @+PUB

Incidental Music for Plays, 1967-present:









Bach:  ART OF FUGUE for Chamber Ensemble, 1972, + @

Purcell:  "Dido's Lament" from DIDO AND AENEAS for Oboe d'amore (oboe, soprano saxophone) and Guitar + PUB

Rimsky-Korsakov:  VARIATIONS on a Theme of Glinka for Oboe and Wind Ensemble; 1978, 2000; + (trans./ed.) VN

Bach:  Andante from the ITALIAN CONCERTO for Oboe d'amore (also clarinet, violin & flute) and guitar, 1979, + AN

Bach: ITALIAN CONCERTO for Guitar Quartet, 2005, + @ (Corona Guitar Kvartet, Denmark) PUB

Des Pres: EL GRILLO (The Cricket) for Guitar Quartet, 2011, @ (Corona Guitar Kvartet, Denmark) PUB

Handel: Recitative and Aria: Pena Tiranna from AMADIGI for Oboe d’amore and Piano 2012 + PUB

MUTILATION RAG By Beck Hansen (arr. Steinke) for Voice (narrator), Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello & Piano 2013 @+ PUB


Rimsky-Korsakov, Nikolai. Variations on a Theme of Glinka for Oboe and Band. trans./ed by Greg A Steinke, perf. by the University of South Florida Winds, cond. by James Croft. Golden Crest CRS 4186.

Steinke, Greg A FAMILY PORTRAIT Five Vignettes for Piano. perf. by Jeffrey Jacob on Compact Disk entitled, “Contemporary American Eclectic Music for Piano,” Vol. 3 NEW ARIEL #AE03.

Steinke, Greg A excerpts from SANTA FE TRAIL ECHOES for Viola solo. perf. by Rozanna Weinberger on Compact Disk entitled, “Passion - Music for Viola.” North Pacific Music #NPMLD003.

Steinke, Greg A ANOTHER NEW BEGINNING II for Guitar, perf. by Lynn Harting-Ware on Compact Disk entitled, “Angelica.” ACOMA #GXD5735.

Steinke, Greg A NATIVE AMERICAN NOTES for String Quartet perf. by Coolidge Quartet on Compact Disk entitled, “Coolidge Quartet  Koppel, Steinke, Britten” CLASSICO #CLASSCD 251.

Steinke, Greg A IN MEMORIAM - Sacajawea - Aria for Saxophone Quartet (SATB) perf. by Joseph Wytko Saxophone Quartet on Compact Disk entitled, “EnTangoment” TimeGrabber Digital #TGD 003.

Steinke, Greg A SIX PIECES for Pianoforte. perf. by Jeffrey Jacob on Compact Disk entitled, “Contemporary American Eclectic Music for Piano,” Vol. 5 NEW ARIEL #AE05.

Steinke, Greg A ITALIAN CONCERTO arr. for Guitar Quartet. perf. by Corona Guitar Kvartet on Compact Disk entitled, “Corona Guitar Quartet,” Albany Records #Troy 1084.

Steinke, Greg A SUSPENDED for Bassoon and Strings, perf. by Susan Nelson, bassoon, Stephen Miahky & Christina McGann, violins, Matthew Daline, viola, & Jacqueline Black, violoncello on Compact Disk entitled “Elements” Winning Works from the 2012 & 21014 BCMCC, MSR Classics #MS1477

Steinke, Greg A INQUIETUDE for Flute, perf. by Pietro Doronzo on Compact Disk entitled, “Architectures Music for Solo Instrument,” Contemporary Collection, Vol 3, RMN Classical # CLS161002

Steinke, Greg A SARABANDE for Alto Flute on Phasma-Music Foundation CD - Two Minutes Solo Flute  (Iwona Glinka, flute)

 (via NAXOS) (7/15/19)

Steinke, Greg A INQUIETUDE REVISITED II ver. for Alto Flute on Phasma-Music Foundation CD Iwona Glinka flutes  (Iwona Glinka, flute) (via NAXOS) (5/3/19)

Steinke, Greg A FOUR DESULTORY EPISODES for Oboe and Fixed Media (4/02/19) for recording on a RMN Classical CD, Electroacoustic & Beyond, Vol. 4 (07/05/19)


+  = publicly performed        o  =  received award or prize

@  = commissioned work     PUB =  by composer (Tierra del Mar Music)

S  = published by                                                             H = published by  

 Seesaw Music Corp. (Now Subito)                                 HaMar Perc. Publ., Inc..  

 60 Depot St.                                                                       333 Spring Road  

 Verona, NJ  07044                                                             Huntington, NY  11743   

T  = published by                                                           AN  = published by              

 TUBA Press                                                                     ACOMA • NAMBE EDITION   

 3811 Ridge Road                                                           P. O. Box 62056, Victoria Terrace  

 Annandale, VA 22003                                                   Toronto, Ontario, CANADA M4A 2W1                                               

FW = published by.                                                       VN = published by

Frank E. Warren Music Service.                                    Editions VIENTO

                         88 Greaton Road.                                                         (now Trev Co Music Publishing)

West Roxbury, MA 02132.                                             P.O. Box One

                                                                                          Tallevast, FL 34270                         


IM  = published by

  Imagine Music


GS:gs 1/20


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